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Matt has been in the tattoo industry for over 7 years and in that time has been working throughout Sydney, The Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth along side some of the biggest and best names in the game.


Matt specialises in Photo Realism, Neo-Traditional, and Traditional tattooing styles. He masterfully incorporates all four tattooing styles into his work, and the resulting pieces he creates have a classical timelessness to them.


Matt's interests in human consciousness, ancient cultures, animals, plants, feminine divinity and flowers, means each piece he designs is laced with rich symbolic intention. Matt conveys the intention of each peice with classic timeless subject matter, and his work is widely popular due to the skill level required for its depth of detailing.

Matt is open to new ideas and enjoys working with each customer's concept to create unique, one-off pieces which are a reflection of the customer, and which last a life time.

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